Automate your backups using Task Scheduler

SyncToy is a free file sync tool for Windows released by Microsoft. With a simple operation interface, it is easy-to-use and highly customisable.

In this example we are going to schedule a backup using Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Download SyncToy from here

In this section we are going to create a scheduled task to start and run the backups automatically.

Press your Windows button on your keyboard, and type “task”, you should be able to see “Task Schedular” in the list, select “Task Schedular” to open it

Select “Create Basic Task

Give your backup task a name.

Select “Next” to continue

Select a time schedule, in this example I have select “Daily“.

Select “Next” to continue

On the Daily tab, enter the time you want the backup to start.

Select “Next” to continue.

In the action select “Start a Program” in the Action tab, then “Next” to continue.

Select “Next” to continue.

Select “Browse” to locate the “SyncToyCmd.exe” file. In my case, the file path is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe”

In the “Add arguments (optional) section, enter -R

The -R will run all of your backups, if you only want to run one of your backups, enter the backup name you created in SyncToy after the -R and inside quotes

Example: -R “Documents Backup”

Select “Next” to finish

That’s it, your backups will now start automatically.