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Home Computer Support
Home Computer Support

Need a little help to remove a virus.
Computer running slow.
Worried about your data.
Just need some help with your computer.

Computerly Home Computer service

No call out charge

we come to you

Computerly may also be able to fix your computer over a remote Teamviewer session

Business Support
Business IT Support

Short and long term support contracts.
Ad-hoc support.
Microsoft 365 support.
Sharepoint Intranets.
User support.

Computerly Business IT Support

over 25 years experience

On-site or Remote

Talk to Computerly to see what we can do to help your business

Web Design
Web Design & Hosting

Wordpress website design, all sites are designed from the ground upwards, working with you at every step. All sites are hosted on super fast Google storage.

Website Design and Costing by Computerly

fixed fee designs

Free email accounts

We also offer free SSL for your website, for more information or a quotation, please contact Computerly

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Web Design and Hosting



More Info

We’ve developed our own hosting platform just for WordPress websites, ensuring you get a robust, secure hosting environment and consistently excellent speeds your visitors will love.


More Info

We have a range of WordPress web hosting packages available to suit most webspace, bandwidth and database requirements. However, if you need a custom solution, we’re more than happy to create a unique plan that works for you.

Email Hosting

More Info

We have a range of e-mail hosting packages available. However, if you need a custom solution, we’re more than happy to create a unique plan that works for you.

E-Mail Only Hosting

Email hosting plans from as little as £49 p/a. Unlimited POP accounts for all eMail hosting plans.

  •  2GB IMAP email account £49 p/a.
Can I add new e-mail addresses?

Via your cPanel account, you can add up to five addresses on the bronze plan.

POP or iMap account

All eMail hosting plans come with either POP or IMAP. Bronze plans are limited to 2GB per eMail address.

Can I use Outlook or Thunderbird?

All eMail accounts support third party applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS and Android.

Hosting Plans

Comprehensive WordPress hosting.

  • UK Hosting
  • cPanel
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backup and Restore
  • POP and IMAP email accounts
  • SSD Storage
  • Staging area
  • PHP Version control
  • WordPress interface via cPanel

Hosting FAQ

What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts. It lets you conveniently manage all services in a single place.

What are POP accounts?

POP accounts work by contacting our email service and downloading all of your new messages from it. Once they are downloaded onto your device, they are deleted from the email service. This means that after the email is downloaded, it can only be accessed using the same device. If you try to access your email from a different device, the messages that have been previously downloaded won’t be available to you.

What is an iMAP account?

IMAP accounts allow you to access your email wherever you are, from any device. When you read an email message using IMAP, you aren’t actually downloading or storing it on your computer; instead, you’re reading it from the email service. As a result, you can check your email from different devices, anywhere in the world.

What is Webmail?

If you’ve used Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail.com, or iCloud, then you’ve used webmail. To get to your webmail account, you access the Internet and sign in to your email account.

What is the Staging area?

A WordPress staging website is a clone of your live WordPress site, created independently on our staging servers.

It allows you to test changes – whether that’s WordPress themes, plugins, code snippets or any other kind of change. 

A staging site is a place to develop or troubleshoot without worrying about your actions having an effect on the users of your live website. As web designers and developers know, a single plugin addition could have disastrous consequences. You don’t ever want to be acquainted with the infamous ‘white screen of death’ on a live WordPress site.

Clone your site with a single click, carry out tests or add new content or code. You can share your staging site with anyone by giving them the ‘.staging’ URL.

What are Timeline backups?

With our Timeline Backups product, automatic snapshots of your website files and databases are taken on a daily basis and can be restored at any point. 

You don’t have to take any action to configure this service. Once activated, we include all of your website files and databases as standard. To view any of the previous snapshots taken, you should visit the Timeline Backups page in your cPanel, click Manage Snapshots next to the package you are interested in and choose Restore Snapshot next to the website or database you wish to view. 

About our Hosting

Free wildcard SSL encryption

SSL-TLS certificates are an integral part of secure web browsing and data transfer. Legal regulations and promotion by Google have made it essential that every site should have one. So we use Let’s Encrypt to make every site we host an ‘https’ one.

Our free SSLs are ‘wildcard’ certificates. So you can secure subdomains as well as your primary domain using one certificate. To get a free ‘https’ certificate your site needs to be validated on our nameservers. They provide the same level of security as any other SSL certificate.


PCI compliant UK hosting

If your business takes card payments, your hosting needs to be PCI compliant.

To accept, store and process debit/credit card information, the hosting provider must be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These standards were introduced to reduce credit card fraud.

The PCI Security Standards Council are responsible for ordering regular tests on hosting providers. They test for vulnerabilities where hackers could potentially steal cardholder information. 20i consistently pass these independent audits.

Automatic malware scanning

We scan all websites on our WordPress, Windows, and Linux shared hosting platforms every day for common malware. Using commercial tools, we discover all sorts of nasties. Malware – such as web shells or mail/spam daemons – can compromise your installation, giving criminals access to your site’s data, email, and content.

We give you a detailed report on the results of this scan in your control panel. This is similar to services provided by some other web hosts – which they charge a premium for!

Should malware be discovered, we can send you an email alert.

WordPress users also have another way to check for malware, through our WordPress Checksum Report in our WordPress Tools suite. This checks that your WordPress core matches the official WordPress repository.


1 Tbps+ DDoS protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing hazard on the web. If your shared hosting or virtual private server (VPS) is attacked, usually you don’t have much of a choice other than to weather the storm and wait for the attack to stop.

That’s why we introduced 1 Tbps+ anti-DDoS protection. This enterprise-level protection covers you against most attacks. It only filters-out malicious traffic, so you can carry on working without noticing any interruption.